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The Huge Benefits Of Small Sustained and Consistent Vigorous Intermittent Physical Activity on Cancer risk reduction

Flattop Mountain in Anchorage Alaska

Do you ever feel like the barrier to improved health and wellness is just too daunting?

I completely understand that sentiment, especially with the overwhelming amount of health information in the media and on social platforms.

However, a fascinating study from July 2023 showed that small changes can lead to significant benefits.

The study examined over 22,000 non-exercising adults and the impact of short bouts (1 to 2 minutes) of vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity on cancer incidence. The results were remarkable. A minimum daily dose of around 3.5 minutes was associated with an 18% reduction in total incident cancer risk. Even more impressively, with just one additional minute per day (4.5 minutes total), there was a 32% reduction in physical activity-related cancer incidence.

Improving your health doesn't require monumental efforts. Small, consistent changes that accumulate over time can truly make a difference. As this study demonstrates, these changes don’t have to be costly and can easily fit into almost anyone’s lifestyle. Hopefully, this knowledge makes the journey to better health seem less daunting.

Here are just a few ideas of physical activity you can incorporate into your daily routine to possibly achieve this cancer risk reduction:

  • Instead of skipping the intro to your favorite TV show, do some burpees while it plays.

  • Do some push-ups while waiting for your shower to warm up.

  • Do some body weight squats while waiting for your coffee or tea to brew.

  • Park further away from your work and sprint into the building and/or to your car at the end of the day.

  • Try some jumping jacks while your food is in the oven.

  • Play a quick game of “tag” with your child, friend, significant other, dog, etc.

There are so many great ways of getting in a quick bout of vigorous physical activity (mine is sweeping the ice in front of a curling stone 🥌). What type of activity would resonate with you and might inspire you to try in your daily life?

If you are ready to build resilience and could use a partner on your journey to better health and wellness, please book a discovery call with me here to see if we would be a good fit, as I would love to help you thrive.

You can read the full study on PubMed [ID#: 37498576] here.



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